February 11th, 2012
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Prime accused in Falak case under arrest

baby-girl Falak case New Delhi: The prime accused in the baby Falak case, Rajkumar Gupta, has been arrested by the Delhi Police, this morning. Pratima who is also believed to have links with the case was arrested from Patna. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chayya Sharma confirmed the arrest. With Rajkumar’s arrest, the Delhi Police hopes to establish how, when and where Falak was tortured. With the twin arrests, the total number of people arrested in relation to the case has risen to 10.

A driver and tailor arrested earlier in the case were involved in a prostitution racket for a long time and their network was spread across several cities. Driver Rana Kumar Gupta, 26, a resident of Badarpur in South Delhi, and Rahul, 24, a tailor from a village in Mohammadpur area in South Delhi, have been in judicial custody since last Thursday. Rana, Rahul and Gupta’s second wife Arti are alleged to have pushed the 14-year-old teenager, who brought Falak to the hospital, into prostitution. The police suspects human trafficking and prostitution in Falak’s case.

Two-year-old Falak was brought to Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) on January 18 in a battered and bruised state by a teenager. She had a fractured skull, multiple fractures in arms, burns from a hot clothes iron and human bites all over her face. The teenager who is currently at a juvenile home had later disclosed to her interrogators that she got the baby from Rajkumar. Yesterday a team of doctors said the victim’s condition had “improved marginally.” Her brain infection continues to be a cause of worry for the doctors.

The Delhi police has identified a 22 year old women named Munni to be Falsk’s mother. The mother was brought to Delhi on February 6 from Rajasthan. A day later, Falak’s elder sister, Sanobar, was found in Bihar and brought to Delhi.  Falak’s five-year-old brother still remains missing.


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