October 18th, 2011
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Promilla Shankar shoots of anti-Mayawati letter to Centre

MayawatiLucknow: Top level bureaucrat Promilla Shankar submitted a letter complaining about Mayawati’s government to the centre. Promila Shankar has alleged that Maya’s govt suspended her just 8 days after she pointed out flaws in the Master Plan of the Yamuna Expressway Authority.

In the letter Promilla wrote, “There was pressure on me to approve Master Plan of Yamuna Expressway Authority which violated Regional Plan 2001-2021 guidelines.” “Authority’s Master Plan violates NCR Plan 2021 & urbanisation plan would mean acquiring agricultural land under emergency clause which will lead to unrest, she added.”

This suspension of the bureaucrat is seen as Mayawati’s way of taking revenge against anyone who dares to oppose her policies. The chief minister who is claimed to rule the state in an undemocratic iron hand manner is yet again under the scanner. Only a few months back the UP CM managed to wriggle free from the controversy emerging from the 700 crore memorial that was inaugurated recently at Noida.  The question raised is like Promilla how many honest officials are facing the brunt of the alleged megalomaniac for being honest and brave.



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