March 22nd, 2012
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Protest against Ravi Shankar for anti govt school statements

ravi-shankarJaipur: A host of social activists from Rajastan expressed shock and strongly condemned the baseless, biased statement made by the Global Corporate Brand “Art of Living” businessman, Ravi Shankar in Jaipur on 20th March, 2012, wherein he states that “Government schools are breeding grounds of violence and Naxalism.

The PUCL activists, Shabnam Hashmi, Vinod Raina, M Hasan and a host of other social activists who have denounced the Guru’s statement has demand evidence to prove that Government schools in which 16 crore children of the age group 6 to 14 years are studying are breeding grounds for violence and Naxalism.

They have stated that they consider the statement made by Ravi Shankar as anti-constitutional as it goes against Article 21-A where the Government is bound to provide free and compulsory education to children of the age group 6 to 14 years. Since the Parliament of India has passed this Fundamental Right, Ravi Shankar’s statement implies that the Parliament is promoting violence and Naxalism, by charging the government with the responsibility of providing education to every child of the country.

Ravi Shankar who seems to have come up with a panacea for all naxal related problems had earlier stated that Government run schools and colleges must be handed over to private bodies and that ‘Adarsh schools’ must reach all areas” in the name of bhartiya sanskriti. The protestors in their press statement said that they believe that Ravi Shankars statement is an attempt to reproduce the ideology of hate as presented by Golwakar and Sarvarkar which schools like Adarsh Vidya Mandir teach.

An army of Indian engineers, doctors, nurses, computer professionals, government servants army and police personnel and factory workers come from government schools. The statement of the corporate guru would suggest that this human resource that is the backbone of this country is wholly ‘Naxalite’ in the eyes of this completely irrational guru. A criminal complaint has been filed by local lawyers – Surendra Dhaka, Jai Prakash Sharma and Manu Pancholi – in a lower court charging the spiritual leader with the offence of spreading hatred in society and defaming people passing out of government schools.

Addressing a function at a silver jubilee celebrations of Adarsh Vidya Society near Jaipur on Tuesday evening, Ravishankar courted controversy by claiming that government schools are breeding grounds of Naxalism. He said government should privatize education and close state-run schools. “Government should not run any school. It is often found that boys studied in government schools go into Naxalism and violence”, he said. “I feel that all the schools and colleges should be privatised and handed over to some other Sanstha (organisation). Such things are not in the boys of private schools and they (from private schools) move ahead with an ideal and teachers are responsible for it,” he added.

Educationists and ministers condemned his statement and termed it to be highly “unfortunate and illogical.” Union Human Resources Development Minister Kapil Sibal expressed surprise at the remarks. Sibal said people who are in the highest positions in the government and outside government, members of the judiciary and former Presidents have studied in government schools. “Can it ever be said that they are all naxalites,” he asked. Around 50 people including students of government higher secondary school at Jhalana in Jaipur, their guardians and other locals burnt an effigy of Ravishankar in front of the school. His statement angered the teachers’ community and his effigy was burnt at various places in the city.


2 Responses to “ Protest against Ravi Shankar for anti govt school statements ”

  1. Bhaskar

    Alpaviswasikale chooshanamchaithu jeevikkunna Ee samrajythwa pimbinte vakkukale thallikkalayuka….

  2. sreekanth

    21 Mari Ravi Shankar ‏ @SriSriSpeaks
    I specifically referred to sick government schools in Naxal affected areas. Many who have turned to Naxalism have come from these schools.

    21 Mar Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ‏ @SriSriSpeaks
    I did not say all Govt schools (where lakhs study) breed Naxalism. Great talents have emerged from these schools & I would never generalize.
    The Art of Living is running 185 free schools in such areas.I urge more institutions to join this effort to spread peace through education.


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