March 30th, 2012
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Ragging: Malayalee engineering student succumbs to burn injuries

ragging-deathBangalore: A Malayalee aeronautical engineering student alleged to have been ragged by his seniors died at Victoria hospital here at 11.30 yesterday night. Ajmal from Kappad, Kannur who was an engineering student at Chikkaballapur Engineering College  was under treatment at a hospital in Bangalore for 60 percent burns. The parents of the 18 year old boy said that he had complained of ragging several times.

Though it has been established that the boy was ragged several times by his seniors,  the police has not been able to confirm that the burns were caused as a result of ragging. This has mainly been due to the victims conflicting statements. Ajmal caught fire at the hostel bathroom, one week back.  He has been under treatment at Victoria hospital since then. The bathroom in which the boy caught fire had no roof and police has reasons to believe that he was set on fire from out side. Traces of thinner were found in the bathroom. His relatives who believe that the has been a victim to ragging have filed a complaint with the police. the police has registered a case against four Malayalee students.

Ajmal’s relatives have told the police that the boy has been a victim of ragging since he joined the college six months back. The seniors are said to have tortured and tormented him for money. The college managemnt however states that they had not received any complaint from the student or the relatives. Though they were allegations that he had attempted suicide ajmal himself denied it. Chikkaballapur is inquiring into the case.




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