March 15th, 2012
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Resignation rumours: Mr Trivedi still Railway Minister

dinesh-trivediNew Delhi: Even while reports regarding the resignation of Mr Dinesh Trivedi is flooding the media the Railway Minister made a a shocking and contradictory statement claiming that he had not handed over any resignation letter to the Prime Minister.

Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi told Bengali news channel Star Ananda that he has not handed over the resignation letter and he confirmed that he will not leave his duty. During the Lok Sabha proceeding Mr Pranab Mukherje also confirmed that the government has not received the resignation letter from from Mr Trivedi.

During the question hour session Mr Trivedi himself has appeared before the Lok Sabha as the Railway Minister. Interestingly the entire country seems to be confused over the resignation of the Railway Minister. The opposition party has demanded that the Prime Minister clears the confusion regarding the rumours related to the resignation of the Railway minister.

The government has however confirmed that they have received the letter from Mamta Banerjee demanding the removal of  Mr Trivedi from the post of the Railway Minister. She has proposed Mukul Roy’s name for the post. The government has not yet taken a decision regarding the same.



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