April 10th, 2012
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Sangh Parivar bans play on Qutubddin Ansari

qutubddin-ansariAlappuzha: The Sangh Parivar has banned the screening of a play that brings back alive the horrors of the Gujarat riots. It is the story of a victim of the Gujarat riot which the Sang Parivar refuses the artist to retell to the public.  Kerala Kaumudi  senior photographer Jithesh Damodarans “Qutubddin Ansari” has come under the axe of the BJP and the Hindu Aikya Vedi. The one act play was to be screened at Alappuzha Thiruvambadi Higher Secondary school’s Platinum Jubilee auditorium.  The BJP and the Hindu Aikya Vedi proclaimed that they could not permit the screening of a play that intended to mar the image of the Chief Minister of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

The organizing committee chairman was threatened. They warned them of adverse consequences and declared that if the screening was permitted they would not cooperate with the celebrations that is to last for a year. The school authorities that were intimidated cowed down under the party’s pressure and banned the screening of the play. However, the school authorities stated that they did not feel they play in anyway tarnished the image of Mr Modi. The actor who plays the role of Qutubddin Ansari said that there wasn’t a single line that depicted The Hindu religion in bad light.

Qutubddin Ansari, 29, a tailor who lived with him mother, wife and daughter in Ahmedabad’s Bapu Nagar colony became the symbol of the Gujarat riot. The newspapers carried the picture of  Ansari with his green eyes brimming with tears and palms joined in prayer begging for his life in the face of death, that was clicked by a Reuters photographer.Thus Ansari became the symbol of the Gujarat riot in Ahmedabad.




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