October 29th, 2011
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Sanjiv Bhatt Case: Lost and Found

Sanjiv bhatt Ahmadabad: The police found the key witness in the Sanjiv Bhatt case who went missing on Tuesday. Shreanik Shah, the witness was found at Balasinor in Gujarat’s Sabarkantha district, police said. Shah informed the police that he was kidnapped by six people from a place near his house in connection with a land deal that he was brokering. The kidnappers took him to Balasinor beat him up and robbed him of his valuables.

According to police inspector Mr Trivedi, Mr Shah telephoned his brother from Balasinore who then brought him back to Ahmedabad.“We have recorded Shah’s statement and are probing the matter,” he said. A complaint was lodged by Shah’s family on Wednesday night after he had gone missing.

Mr. Shah was present with constable KD Pant when Mr Bhatt had allegedly threatened Mr Pant and forced him to sign false affidavit as per MR Pant’s FIR, based on which Mr Bhatt was arrested last month and later released on bail. Shreanik Shah is the prime witness for K D Pant’s staement against Sanjiv Bhatt.

Bhatt was arrested based on a complaint filed by constable K D Pant accusing the IPS officer of abducting him and forcibly recording his statement. Constable K D Pant, who had worked under Bhatt during the 2002 riots, in his FIR accused the IPS officer of threatening a public servant, fabricating false evidence and wrongful confinement. He alleged that the anti- Modi officer had threatened and forced him to sign a “false” affidavit that the IPS officer was present at a high- level meeting called by Gujarat Chief Minister on the night of February 27, 2002 after the Godra train carnage.


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