August 25th, 2011
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Sarika and Shruti Hassan make up

sruthi hassanMumbai: The Mumbai social circle is abuzz about actress Sarika and her daughter, Kollywood actress Shruti Haasan being spotted spending quality time watching plays and catching up at coffee houses. The mother-daughter had apparently stopped talking to each other over Shruti’s father, actor Kamal Haasan’s live-in girlfriend, south actress Gauthami.

Last weekend, Shruti was spotted at a play (at a prominent theatre of the suburban Mumbai) with her mom Sarika refueling speculations. Shruti’s friends confirmed that not only is she back on friendlier terms with her mom, she’s also flitting between Mumbai and Hyderabad every weekend to spend as much time with her mom as possible.

“Shruti also has her mom’s picture on her phone’s messenger with a public declaration of her love for her.She keeps talking about her mom to us. Shruti also makes sure to have Saturday night dinners with her mother in Mumbai,” says her friend.

The break down in the mother-daughter relationship happened following Sarika’s split with Kamal. Shruti decided to move back to Chennai to be with her father after completing her studies in London. Sarika, who was taking care of her younger daughter, Akshara took objection to Shruti living with her father and his new friend, Gauthami


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