November 9th, 2011
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Sarkozy calls Israel PM a liar, Obama agress

obama-and-sarkozyCannes: A private conversation between Barack Obama and Nicholas Sarkozy became public where they were caught talking behind the Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s back.  The whole world heard Nicolas Sarkozy disparage the Israeli Prime Minister and branded him ‘a liar’. “I can’t stand Netanyahu. He’s a liar,” he said.

Barack Obama cozied up to Sarkozy’s views and said ‘You’re fed up with him – I have to deal with him every day!’ Mr Sarkozy made the alleged comments during a private conversation with Mr Obama at last week’s G20 summit in Cannes, and the remarks were overheard by a small number of journalists but not initially reported.

The veracity of the report was confirmed by the news agency Reuters, which said one of its reporters heard the exchange, while the AFP agency said its sources had corroborated the story.

The conversation took place as the two leaders were about to give a joint briefing to the press in Cannes last Thursday. Their microphones had been attached and switched on, allowing journalists who had already turned on their interpreting sets in an adjoining room to listen in.

The exchange began with Mr Obama criticising Mr Sarkozy for not warning Washington that France would vote in favour of the Palestinians’ application to join Unesco, the UN agency for culture and education, a request the US opposed. He also asked Mr Sarkozy to try to convince the Palestinians to ease up in their campaign for recognition as a state by the UN, Arrêt Sur Images said.

Israeli politician Danny Danon said that President Obama revealed his feelings toward Israel with the remarks to Sarkozy. Mr Danon told the Jerusalem Post, ‘Obama’s true face was revealed, as are his cold and disrespectful policies toward Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu.’ ‘Anyone who had doubts about the way Obama treats Israel doesn’t have them anymore. Obama is bad for Israel,’ he added.

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