April 5th, 2012
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Sexual harassment,corruption increases within the party: CPIM political organizational report

cpim-political-report, cpim organisational report Kozhikode: CPIM has severely criticized some of the pitfalls of the party in its 20th CPIM party congress political organizational report. The report establishes and affirms the allegations raised against it in the past few years. The party has noted the existence of unhealthy trends such as factionalism, careerism, individualism and absence of collective functioning which are harmful for the party. They have noted an increasing trend of leakage of inner party discussions even in the case of leading committees to the bourgeois media.

They have also noted that bureaucratic behavior and intolerance to criticism is weakening inner party democracy in the party.  ‘Certain leaders take decisions on cadres not on the basis of collective assessment of cadres but on the basis of their likes and dislikes,’ the report revealed. As per their analysis liberal tendencies which are opposed to democratic centralism is present in the case of many committees and cadres. Party members are understood to have been hesitant in expressing their views in committees. As per the report slackness and violation of discipline was being tolerated by the party at different levels.

‘Many party committees and cadres are afraid to raise criticism against an influential leader. Intolerance to criticism is growing. At different levels the important mechanism of correction and rectification, criticism and self criticism is abandoned. All these wrong tendencies are weakening the democratic centralism,’ the report said.

Most of the state reports stated the increasing trend of parliamentarism in the party. After failing to become a candidate, a section of comrades are not hesitant to work against the party or not to work seriously for the Party in the elections. It was also noted that many party comrades elected to parliamentary institutions do not submit their details of income to the party in a correct manner.

The report has noted that there has been increase in incidents of sexual harassment. The disciplinary actions considered by the central committee includes instances of sexual harassment, collection of bribe from  owners of industrial establishments, seriously compromising party’s political positions, factional activities, financial misdeeds, immoral conduct and the like. The party has realized that they have to immediately address their weakness in taking up social issues and organizing activities, campaigns and struggles.




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