December 28th, 2011
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Situation tense in Kumili

mullaperiyar-damKumili: ‘The movement of vehicles in Tamilnadu Kerala border at Kumili is still affected due to the Mullaiperiyar issue, and it is imperative on the part of the two state governments to make sure that the vehicle movement is allowed to continue,’ said BJP leader L Ganeshan, at a press briefing here today.

He also added that attempts are being made to disrupt the Malayali-Tamil unity by vested interests. Ganeshan said that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should intervene in the Mullaiperiyar issue and bring about an amicable situation among the riparian states. Coming down heavily upon the passing of the Lokpal bill in the parliament, he said that it is a completely toothless bill and has been hastily passed with a view at the UP polls and added that the government has been reduced to minority in the parliament. The leader pointed out that it is an irony of sorts that the Congress party, formed by a foreigner is today run by another foreigner.


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