December 21st, 2011
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Sonia’s counter-fire

sonia-gandhiNew Delhi: UPA Chairperson has adorned her armour and has upped her arms all ready to fight against the opposition and Team Anna over the Lokpal Bill, once it is introduced in Parliament. She said her army is ready to counter attack the “obstructionist” tactics of the opposition and the “deliberate and malicious” criticism of the government of Team Anna. She effuses of confidence and is optimistic about a sure victory.

She told a meeting of Congress MPs this morning that the Lokpal Bill is “path-breaking” and that “Team Anna must accept it.” “We are being criticised and attacked for not tackling the scourge of corruption. This is deliberate and malicious misinformation,” Ms. Gandhi told the Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP) meeting without referring to Team Anna or Anna Hazare.

“I will fight for Lokpal and women’s reservation issue. I cannot see any reason for us to be defeatist,” she told reporters after the CPP meeting. “The Opposition may be loud but it is opportunistic. Logic and merit are lost in their obstructionist tactics,” she added.

She said that to tackle the issue of corruption, three Bills with major implications are to be passed soon — those relating to the protection of whistle blowers, enhancing judicial accountability, strengthening anti-money laundering operations and controlling bribery of Indian public officials by foreign companies.

Meanwhile, Anna continues to threaten the government with his three-day fast that is to begin on December 27 in protest against the “betrayal of the people” and his anti congress crusade in states awaiting polls with intentions to jeopardize their chance in the upcoming elections.

The main opposition party, the BJP, has expressed its reservations over the Bill, mainly because its suggestion to give the new Lokpal administrative control over the CBI has been rejected.  The BJP also believes that the selection process for the nine members of the Lokpal gives too much clout to the government.


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