November 11th, 2011
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Soumya murder case: Govindchamy is sentenced to death

Govindchamy: soumya murder caseThrissur: Govindchamy the accused and guilty in the Soumya murder case has been awarded the death sentence.The Thrissur fast track Court, Judge K Raveendra Babu considered the case as the rarest of rarest of cases and declared the verdict which is being celebrated as the victory of the judiciary. Govindchamy will be hanged to death under IPC 302. A fine of 1 lakh shall be elicited from him.  On October 31, 2011 he was found guilty of murder and rape.

He has been found guilty under IPC 302, 376,394,447.The guilty was found to be a threat to the entire society and women of the country. He was found to be a habitual criminal who displayed no guilt or remorse for his inhuman, heinous actions. He was found guilty of eight other cases in Tamil Nadu.

Govindachamy, the prime accused in the Soumya murder case was found to be guilty and has been convicted by the Thrissur fast track court. 15 cases have been imposed upon the convicted. The crimes committed by him are murder, rape, attempt for robbery, forceful entry into ladies compartment.

30-year-old Govindachamy,hailing from Virudhachalam in Tamil Nadu, assaulted Soumya in the ladies compartment of the Kochi-Shornur Passenger train on February 1 and pushed her out of the running train immediately after it left the Vallathol Nagar railway station.

She was on her way home at Manjakad near Shornur after attending office at Ernakulam. Govindachamy was arrested on February 3 from Palakaad. Soumya had succumbed to injuries at the Thrissur Medical College Hospital on February 6. Charges against Govindachamy were framed under various IPC sections including 302 (Murder) and 376 (Rape). The trial had begun on June 6, 2011.

This was one of the most discussed, controversial case, for lawyers from Mumbai had come to Kerala to rescue the guilty. There were allegations that lakhs of rupees were being spent by a Tamil based criminal gang to save the culprit.

Soumya murder case: Govindchamy convicted

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