November 11th, 2011
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Soumya’s mother talks

Soumya murder caseThrissur: I am happy that the person who destroyed my daughter has finally got what he deserves, said the victim Soumya’s mother said. She was answering the questions posed before her my media people who hovered around her at the court premises to get the statement of Soumya’s mother who suffered greatly. She said, she believes justice has been done. The lady talking with intermittent sobs said she has hoped and expected this verdict.

“The punishment that criminal received does not give me any satisfaction or contentment because i have lost my daughter and i can never get her back,” she said. Soumya’s brother said that he was happy to receive a verdict in their favour. “I was sure that he would be punished. Only my mother and I have lost something. I don’t want any girl to go through, what my sisters experience,” Soumya’s brother said.

We are extremely thankful to the Police, Lawyers, and society that has supported us and stood with us during this moment of grief and loss.

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