December 6th, 2011
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With power comes responsibility

omar-muktarCaliph Khaleel Omar was a selfless and honest Muslim ruler. He used to draw a very small amount as his monthly salary from the state treasury. Therefore, he was always short of money. He used to stitch his clothes himself, eat frugal food and would sleep on a mat.

One day, his son’s shirt tore. Since he had no money, he could not get a new shirt for him. When the son insisted on a new shirt, reluctantly the Caliph sent a note to his cashier with a request to advance him rupees two and adjust that amount against his salary.

The cashier replied, “this is not possible. Life is so uncertain. You are always engaged in wars. If you die tomorrow, who would pay back this advance?” The Caliph read the reply. He said to his son, “Keep patience till the next month. I do not have any money now.” He promoted the cashier to a higher position. His son had to wear the torn shirt during that month.

Caliph Khaleel Omar has set a unique example of honesty and duty. He was a Caliph. He had all the rights and privileges and he could have spent every penny lying in the treasury in anyway he liked, but that would have meant the misuse of his rights. The scriptures say that rights should be used for the maximum comfort of others. They should never be used for one’s own self as it would mean their misuse.

Dear youngsters, you should always remember this incident from the life of Khaleel Omar. After completing your education, you would also hold positions of responsibility.  You  may  be  having  very many rights then. Remember, the rights are meant to be used properly. They should never be misused. If you misuse them, you will be  beset by difficulties and obstacles. If you use them in the right manner, the path of your life would be strewn with flowers from the heavens.

(By Omar Mukhtar-Libyan freedom fighter)

2 Responses to “ With power comes responsibility ”

  1. Jasir Javaz

    ningal aarude pic ennudhessichanu ee photo koduthe? omar mukhthar or Khaleefa Omar (R)

  2. admin

    Omar Mukhtar’s photo…..


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