September 3rd, 2011
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State wide newspaper agents and distributors go on strike

newspapersKozhikode: The Kerala state newspaper agents and distributors went on strike today, demanding a change in the age old conditions of newspaper agencies.

The agency and newspaper distributors have demanded for renewed pension scheme, festival allowance, and separate special agents for supplementary and separate pay structure for distributors of newspaper supplements. They have also demanded a change in their status. Newspaper agents want their profession to be considered as permanent employees and have requested for all privileges reserved for permanent employees.

Newspaper agent’s association state Joint Secretary K K Balan told dool news correspondent here today, that the rules, regulations, conditions of agents have not been reformed in the recent years. “The age old conditions prevail. 32 years back agents were given 44 % commission, 30 years back it was reduced to 26 %. This situation prevails even today the news paper agents are now demanding 5o% commission”, he added.



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