December 19th, 2011
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Subramanian Swamy to be in NDA?

subrahmanian-swamyNew Delhi: BJP is considering including Chennai based Subramanian Swamy’s Janata Dal into the NDA. While a final decision has not been taken yet, party chief Nitin Gadkari is looking at the option seriously and has spoken to senior BJP leaders including L K Advani.

While many senior leaders are not averse to the idea of Swamy joining the NDA, the only hitch is with regard to apprehensions among some party seniors whether Swamy’s “maverick” ways will work well for the NDA. Swamy is known for his extreme politics against Congress. He is learnt to be keen to join NDA and has already spoken to Gadkari about it.

According to a senior BJP member, “there were similar objections on re-inducting senior lawyer and former Union minister Ram Jethmalani into the Rajya Sabha on a BJP ticket, as he is also known for his maverick ways and hence does not toe the party line on many occasions. The apprehensions about Swamy are on the same lines, though his is a case of joining the NDA and not BJP”.

The fact that Swamy is closely associated with the Sangh Parivar is something that goes in favour of his joining the BJP-led NDA. Swamy, the only face of his party, has recently been successfully pursuing cases against home minister P Chidambaram in the courts, specially in connection with the 2G spectrum scam and has hence been in the limelight. With BJP too campaigning hard against the government’s cases of corruption including the 2G scam, there are enough in common between the Swamy and the NDA’s agenda at the present.


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