November 8th, 2011
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Support grows for Kundankulam nuclear power plant

koodankulamChennai: Scientifically well informed sections,  social groups cutting across divides, and even numerous minority groups have started coming out in support of power starved and growth stunted Tamilandu’s much needed and politically scuttled Kundankulam Reactor project.

Notable was the special correspondent of a vernacular daily who had met a leading minority leader  and submitted his findings of how anti Kundankulam movement runs its show-free meals –briyani, two wheelers and transportation and Rs 500 for those volunteering from Christian dominated South at Kanyakumari complains this sincere reporter-  to stage a fake anti-nuclear agitation at Kundankulam.

In a latest development, a Christian theologian from a local church had informed the Bishop office at Chennai that local Catholic Priests are outstaying their religious sphere into anti-national politics and indulging in active promotion of unscientific views and are providing funds and sermons inducing the ill informed laity and especially creating unscientific rumours among the Fishermen communities.

In his special report he also tells how local catholic priests are inciting the mobilized mobs to stone the scientists from entering and conducting even their routine safety maintenance that has already warned could lead to malfunction and jeopardize safety.He also appealed the unbiased and scientifically updates Pro-Nuclear Power groups to be accorded a hearing on this matter and not get carried away by foreign sponsored malicious propagandists.

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  1. inian

    say No to N-power plants


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