April 4th, 2012
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Taliban introduces “moral policing” in North Afghanistan

talibanKabul: The Pakistani Taliban introduced “moral policing” in parts of northeastern Afghanistan in an attempt to enforce their puritanical version of Islam. Key leaders of the banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan who sought sanctuary in the Afghan provinces of Nuristan and Kunar have introduced “moral policing” on the pattern of the Taliban-era “Department for the Preservation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice” in Kamdesh district of Nuristan.

Pakistani Taliban roam the streets to stop what they believe are “un-Islamic” activities. The local people are punished if they shave or trim their beards, use mobile phones or eating naswar. Pakistani Taliban spokesman Sirajuddin and the Afghan Taliban denied the police chief’s claim. The Taliban’s shadow governor for Nuristan, Sheikh Dost Muhammad, dismissed Nuristani’s claim as “part of propaganda to undermine the Taliban’s growing popularity in the region”. Local journalists however said people are routinely body-searched in Taliban-controlled areas.



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