August 30th, 2011
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Tamilian sentiment behind the plea for pardon: Major Ravi

major raviKochi: It is “Tamilian sentiments” that have played behind this issue, Major Ravi commented on the interim stay ordered by the Madras High Court on the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. If an anti- social element is murdered in an encounter no one has a problem with it but if the same kind of person is to be entailed to capital punishment then people have problem with it, he said.

He said, he had no sentiments regarding the plea for pardon for death sentence and that all Tamilian political parties are supporting the cause only for political mileage. Major Ravi who was part of the team that was involved with nabbing the Rajiv Gandhi assassins said that officer’s like him who risk their lives for their country are disappointed with the delay in meting out justice.

He said he is baffled as to why significance was being given to the sentiments of the convicts family but no one seemed to be interested in the emotions and sentiments of the families of those innocent who had lost their lives in the bomb blast.


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