August 22nd, 2011
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The detective cousins

Kids sphere/Dhanya Bhaskaran

Chapter 1


dhanya bhaskaran

It was Tito’s first day on duty. He had successfully completed his training with good ranks and both his trainers, Detective Ninja and Detective Anu, were quite happy about their trainee’s performance.  The ‘detective cousins’, as Ninja and Anu were popularly known in the neighborhood, were very efficient professionals who had many feathers on their ‘detective cap’. They have solved many crucial and difficult cases such as the abduction of Moideen’s hens, the murder of the Panchayath President’s pet dog and a robbery in their school. The most famous among them was the case of the unknown shadow.

the detective cousins by Dhanya BhaskaranNinja and Anu were, observant, vigilant and intelligent teens with an eye for details. They had read the whole of Sherlock Holmes  and even natives could not beat them in their geographical and topographical knowledge of the places mentioned in those books. They were ardent fans of crime thrillers and used those methods in their profession. They were confident about their skills and never missed an opportunity to prove their talent. Their new companion-cum- assistant Tito was a gift from Ninja’s father, Major Abhimanyu. Though Abhimanyu was often away from his family on duty at various stations, he always made it a point to encourage the talents of his son, and Tito was the latest symbol of his paternal love and affection. Tito was a well trained dog of his camp and he took it along with him when he came home on his vacation. He gifted that young doggie to the boys and also gave them an excellent book on dog training. Ninja and Anu read it thoroughly and trained Tito brilliantly.

The day Tito joined his duty was a remarkable day for all of them. It was on that same day a theft took place at the ‘Ganapathy Vilasam Restaurant. This restaurant was a favourite meeting point of local people where they discussed the local news and enjoyed gossips with sips of hot tea and bites of tasty snacks. Ramettan, the owner of the hotel served homely lunch at noon and tasty snacks such as bonda, vada, bujjy and banana roast in the afternoon, and people from all walks of life assembled there for his yummy food. He had, as his regular customers, school kids to teachers, working women to contractors, labourers, milk men and vegetable vendors.


An amount of some ten thousand rupees was stolen from the cash counter on that day. It was the first Monday of the month and Ramettan had withdrawn that money from the local Co-operative bank that morning to pay off the vegetable vendor, the milkman and the pawn broker. He also had plans for doing some maintenance work  at  his shop. It was a busy noon hour with almost 20 customers at a time and all the staff-cum- family members (Ramettan’s wife Parvathy, son Sivankutty, daughter-in-law Revathi and nephew Suku) were very busy with supplying meals. Ramettan came to know about the missing of the money only late in the afternoon when he sat to clear the day’s accounts. The first reaction from  him was a loud cry. He almost fainted and sank motionless in his armchair for a few seconds. His son and others came rushing, hearing his cry. A few people from the neighboring shops also came running. They somehow managed to console the poor bleating man and soon somebody informed the police.

(to be continued……)

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