February 7th, 2012
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The Interview: A mockery on contemporary corporate culture


Theatre review/ Niranjalli Varma

A tribute to contemporary theatre that mirrors the fallacies and hypocrisy of the growing cooperate enterprise that crawls, encroaches and ‘touches the lives of millions’, that is what Akash Khurana directed English play “The Interview” has taken shape to be. The well produced satirical comedy was staged at the Tagore Centenary Hall, on the fourth day of the Kozhikode segment of the International Theatre Festival of Kerala.

As the play unfolded the swift transformation in the nature and life the characters in just one hour of a interview process was depicted with high amount of ingenuity. Precise dialogues, interesting plot, brilliant cast reflected the prevalent corporate character through the process of an interview that takes place in real time and depicts to what extend the life of an individual can be modified  and defaced while seated in a room in less than one hours time.

The play written by Siddharth Kumar and directed by Akarsh Khurana under the aegis of Akvarious Productions, Mumbai had won Mahindra Excellance in Theatre Awards last year. The play had won the awards for best play, best actor, best supporting actor and the best stage design.


The drama commences with a bright, young man, clutching his resume to his chest, sweating profusely, fidgeting in his chair while nervously awaiting his turn at the reception of one of the country’s largest corporate enterprises. This young man later discovers that nothing he learnt in college, university or his last few jobs could arm him with the necessary knowledge or expertise to handle the most unusual and challenging hour of his life. However, he survives the most stressful, unpredictable, baffling and challenging one hour for, a chance to live, is what he is fighting for.


On the whole the one scene play mocks and the rat race, the scramble, the idiosyncrasies, ethos of those entwined in the corporate jungle. The fake concern of a self indulgent, confused and selfish world is depicted with such ease. Through satire the farce of corporate life and its facade is ripped open.


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