December 26th, 2011
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Mullaperiyar agitation ended : Prof. CP Roy

Mullaperiyar protest ended: CP Roy chairman of the protesters group

Special story/ Rafeeque Moideen and Niranjalli Varma

Mullaperiyar dam has become the bone of contention between the two South Indian states – Kerala and Tamil Nadu- that had maintained a symbiotic relationship over the years. Agitations, protests, hunger strikes, fears of the people, the anguish of political parties, inadequate response of the centre has all been greedily devoured by the media which was regurgitated to the public time again with necessary hyperbole. Political parties came to a conclusion that the only solution was the construction of a new dam 400 mts away and few even came before the media and declared that the the impeding catastrophe had not permitted them to sleep a wink.

Finally it looked like the political parties seemed to have joined hands for a common good- the safety of their people. The new dam was however a situation that was unacceptable to our Tamil neighbours  resulting in a logjam and the two states still remain with their horns locked on the issue, each refusing to budge an inch. Eventually rational minds came with alternative solutions, which they claim to be better than the construction of a new dam, in an attempt to create a win all situation for both the states. Interestingly political parties have shut their ears to their suggestion and continue to remain adamant on their stand. CP Roy the chairman of Mullaperiyar Samara Samithi  raised the probability of an alternative solution yesterday which was strongly criticized and opposed by other political parties.

Doolnews attempts to understand the reason behind the rigidity of the political parties and the feasibility of alternative plans to resolve the issue. The views of CP Roy, Chairman, Mullaperiyar Samara Samithi has been given below:

Yesterday we celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Mullaperiyar agitation. The Mullaperiyar agitation has come to an end. CP Roy, Chairman, Mullaperiyar Samara Samithi

CP Roy talks The mullaperiyar agitation came to an end..My suggestion is that instead of building a new dam the Mullaperiyar issue can be resolved by reducing the water level and building a tunnel at 50 feet. Thus we can continue giving water to Tamil Nadu without compromising on the quantity of water. However, the moment I tell people that everyone asks me whether it will benefit the people of Kerala. Our concern is the safety of the people. That is why we raised the issue. When the water level is reduced and a new tunnel is built the pressure on the land would decrease. The chances of an earthquake would also decrease. Kerala will receive 2 TMC of water. When the water flows down to Tamil Nadu via the tunnel we would be able to produce140 mega watt of electricity. This electricity would be made available to Kerala. All these are benefits for Kerala.

But the media is more keen on knowing whether slippers were hurled at me. For the past five years the public has been raising slogans demanding a new dam and I come up and tell them there is no need for a new dam. It is natural and obvious. The public will react. And they did react. They threw their slippers at me. But the moment they realized that what I was telling them had truth in it they raised slogans for me. This happened because they are very innocent people.

Even without thinking twice, you can demand for a new dam. But you must remember these innocent people cannot leave Chappath. Please don’t make them raise slogans demanding a new dam. A new dam was an established fact. When we started our protest in 2006 we were unaware of it. Then the problem was not this intense. In 2011 in between March and November there was 9 tremors in the region.

A change in the slogan is not the issue. We are looking at alternative solutions. If these alternative solutions were put forward by the Chief Engineer or PJ Joseph it would have been readily accepted by all. Only we are ‘nobody’ we are facing such intense criticism and opposition.

If a tunnel is built at 50 feet the water level can be reduced from 136 feet to 100 feet. When the new dam is built at a level higher than the present dam the Mullaperiyar dam would be at a much lower level. If you people come here, build a new dam and walk away, the coming generation shall never forgive us. If you build a new dam above our heads our next agitation and struggle shall be against that new dam.

Yesterday we celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Mullaperiyar agitation. In 2012 our protest shall have no anniversary. The Mullaperiyar agitation came to an end, yesterday because we have found a solution for our problem. Our suggestions have been accepted by KM Abbas, the leader of the Farmers Association of the five districts of Tamil Nadu, and the people of those districts. Now the people of the five districts of Kerala should also understand these suggestions raised by us to solve the problem

Plan to resolve Mullaperiyar issue

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One Response to “ Mullaperiyar agitation ended : Prof. CP Roy ”

  1. Babu Poothakuzhy

    Dear Roy,
    What prompted u to take such a decision in the middle of this longstanding agitation. People would have accepted u if u came up with a practical and feasible suggestion.
    We r of the view that the people of Tamilnadu and Kerala should come together and find an amicable solution, safeguarding the interest of both states.
    No such discussions or talks are made and nobody is taking the initiative for such an attempt.
    Politicians are to be avoided from these discussions. Let some eminent personalities or NGOs come forward to bell the cat.
    Babu Poothakuzhy


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