April 28th, 2012
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This is a victory for journalists: Mathew Samuel

mathew-samuelNew Delhi: Mathew Samuel who was part of the Tehelka sting operation team reacting to the verdict of the Delhi court that sentenced the convict and former BJP leader Bangaru Laxman said that he was extremely happy with the courts verdict. Justice has been meted out after 11 years. “ As you sow so shall you reap. I am extremely happy with the verdict.” “I do not see it as Congress victory or BJP’s loss. This is a victory for journalists and the fourth estate in India,” he added.

Recollecting the difficulties the press faced in their attempt to bring the truth out he said,” Case was registered against us under the Official Secret Act. Four IPs officers that I know personally were suspended for no reason. Tehelka an organization in which 160 journalists were working was forced to be shut down. Case was registered against a friend of mine who had nothing to do with the operation.”

“In a democratic country like India the fouth estate should be strong. In most cases action is not been taken because of lack of witness. Corruption is cancer that has affected the society. This can be rooted out only if the fourth estate becomes strong. This verdict will bring a revolution in the way journalism is viewed,” he said.


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