November 30th, 2011
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Thrissur nurses on strike

Nurses on strike Thrissur: The functioning of “Mothers” hospital Thrissur came to a stand still following the strike organized by the nurses. The nurses who are on an indefinite strike have demanded for pay hike and decrease in work load. The strike is being held under the aegis of the nurses association. Nursing students have also joined the protest. More than 250 nurses are said to be participating in the strike.

The hospital had recently released 21 nurses from duty after the abolishing of bond system. The hospital now does not have the required number of staff. The entire burden now rests on the shoulders of the remaining 250 nurses working at the hospital. The nurses have alleged that they are underpaid. Though the matter was adressed before the hospital management they have not taken the issue seriously.

Earlier a similar strike was organized by nurses in Kollam. 280 nurses of Kollam Shankar’s hospital had gone on a strike raising the same demands.

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