October 4th, 2011
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Throw out the Dravidian parties:PMK

PMK-founder-S-RamadossChennai: PMK founder S Ramadoss on Monday called upon voters to reject the candidates of Dravidian parties in the local body polls, alleging that 44 years of their rule had failed to vest local bodies with adequate powers to ensure their independent functioning.

“While indulging in rhetoric about autonomy for states, Dravidian parties never bothered to relegate powers to local bodies. If the local bodies continue to languish in all aspects, it is because of lack of adequate powers,” he said while introducing his party’s Mayoral candidate for Chennai A.K. Moorthy and candidates for the corporation council.

Ramadoss said that personally he was for freeing local body elections from the clutches of political parties and election of service-minded persons.“All these years, representatives of political parties have used their offices to fill their pockets. Anti-social elements have somehow managed to enter these local bodies and we witnessed real fights and throwing of chairs in council meetings. Never once in the meeting they discussed people’s requirements. Instead they were keen on opening more and more tenders for works, so that they could get commission.”

Ramadoss said if elected the PMK would, in a year, bring in noticeable changes in the Chennai Corporation as  Moorthy had a good track record as Minister of State for Railways in a short span of 13 months. Moorthy said one of the main problems that continued to bother Chennai was protected drinking water.

“There is no dearth of water. Still people spent a portion of their earning for bottled water. We can change the scenario,” he said, adding that expansion of Chennai Corporation had created more problems.



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