August 25th, 2011
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Titanium case resurface

Thiruvananthapuram: Thiruvananthapuram Vigilance court has come up  with an order  to submit the report on the findings of the titanium case. While probing upon the reasons as to why the inquiry has not been completed even after six years the court rejected the plea  for a new inquiry. The legal adviser had difficulties even in answering certain questions posed by the court. The case will be taken up by the court for reconsideration on the first of September.

The case is related to the scandal, that during the time of previous UDF government they tried to usurp 256 crore of rupees allocated in the name of a project for a pollution free travancore titanium products and in purchasing the necessary instruments. The case came under the jurisdiction of Justice P K Haneefa. While the case was taken up last time the legal adviser of the government didnt even bother to show his face .
It seems  like the titanium coupled with pamoline case is going to be a headache for the present UDF gvt. The opposition leader V S Achuthanandan alleges that attempts are on to sabotage the titanium case under the supervision of vigilance director it was in 2002 that the UDF government gave permission to the pollution controlling project of Travancore Titanium costing Rs108 cr.The UDF ministry cancelled the project later and brought in another company called Mecon with a Rs.256cr project. Infact a project including Rs 414 Cr of corruption was being planned.
If the project would have become a reality travancore titanium must have already disappeared from the industrial map. Realizing the facts LDF govt cancelled the project and under the SC monitoring committee set up a new project with an investment of Rs85 Cr and almost started its functioning.
The communication and letters of the present CM  Mr Ooman Chandy is a clear proof of thefact that corruption was about to take place. The instruments imported costing almost 90Cr have been wasted.The money for buying them was loned by Union Bank , Federal bank, SBT and so on. The direct role of Ooman chandy in this dealings has been submited before the  SC. VS claims that when the case comes to the court , the vigilance director might go out of the way to help the CM


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