February 18th, 2012
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Train attack: Abuser sentenced to 50 days in jail

train-keralaAluva: The Railway court has sentenced the man who attacked a lady commuter yesterday to 50 days imprisonment. Attack on women commuters continue in Kerala. Sulaiman, attempted to pull a student by her leg out of the ladies compartment of the Thiruvananthapuram- Chennai mail passenger train at around 7.30 on yesterday night .

Fellow commuters who heard the ruckus immediately helped the student. They pushed the man out and shut the door of the compartment. The incident occurred when the train had just left Aluva station. The women traveler has sustained minor injuries after the attack. According to the police Sulaiman is alleged to be mentally deranged. Even though the Railway authorities had assured that women police officers would be deployed on duty in the ladies compartment in night trains in the backdrop of the sensational Soumya murder case the assurance still remains unfulfilled and trains continue to be unsafe for lady commuters.





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