October 17th, 2011
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“UID targets at minorities”: Aruna Roy

aruna-royPanaji: The National Advisory Council (NAC) member Aruna Roy raised arms against the UID project and dubbed it a sinister scheme that will catalyze communal disharmony in the country. Aruna Roy sees it as an “invasive” project that will “facilitate communal targeting of certain minorities.”

The Magsaysay award winner said, “The UID is a dangerous thing. I’m shocked minorities and other communities are not boycotting it.” “How can you force the people to give all this information? The real intention of UID was integration with the National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID). There should be a political debate on whether the state should collect all data about us and store it in a central silo,” she added.

Disagreeing with the government’s intention of collecting DNA samples, Roy said, “What is the point of giving us various freedoms on one hand and then undermining them (through projects like UID) on the other hand?” She felt the government “is trying to lull us” into believing they are bringing these projects to benefit us.







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