October 18th, 2011
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Julian Barnes wins Man Booker Prize

barnesLondon: Julian Barnes was declared the unanimous winner of this years 50,000 pound Man Booker price for his novella, ” The Sense of an Ending”. The chair of this year’s judges, former MI5 director general Stella Rimington, said it had “the markings of a classic of English Literature. It is exquisitely written, subtly plotted and reveals new depths with each reading.”

The Sense of an Ending, Barnes’ 11th novel, explores memory: how fuzzy it can be and how we amend the past to suit our own wellbeing. It tells the story through the apparently insignificant and dull life of arts administrator Tony Webster. Mr Barnes who was shortlisted three time before without ever winning the prize, said he was relieved that he had finally got it.

” I am relieved as I am delighted,” said the 65 year old novelist.


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