October 6th, 2011
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“I went to kadakyal”: Teacher Krishna Kumar

krishnakumarThiruvananthapuram: Krishna Kumar who was brutally attacked at Valakom admitted that he had gone to Kadakkal. This statement is in complete contrast to his earlier statement.The teacher seems to be giving contradictory statements.

DySP Shanavas and Ajith recorded the statement of the school teacher who has been admitted at the Thiruvananthapuram medical college hospital. The police claimed that the discordance and contradiction in the victims statement had not yet been cleared. “Matters are not yet clear,” the police said. They stated that there was no similarity between the statement given to the magistrate and the police.

Krishna Kumar a teacher RVVHS School who was attacked by a group of unidentified people had earlier stated that he had gone out in his i10 car. In his earlier statement to the Judicial First class Magistrate, A M Ashraf, he said that he had not left Valakom on that eventful day. “Three people stopped the car and attacked me,” he added.

The teacher’s wife told the police that her husband had traveled by bus as he was scared to take the drive the car alone at night. From astrologer Sreekumar’s statement and mobile phone records the police inferred that the teacher had gone to Kadakyal. The investigation team have reasons to believe that the victim is concealing facts as he has matters that he does not want to be revealed.




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