February 25th, 2012
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Victim of Italian shoot out crticizes Kerala government

italian-shipThiruvananthapuram: The wife of the Tamil victim Ajeesh Panku who was shot dead by Italian Marines has raised allegations and have criticized the Kerala government of being partial towards the other victim Valentine Jalastine who is from Kerala. According to Ajeesh’s family the Kerala government has been prejudiced and partial. According to Ajeesh’s wife the government has been neglecting their family as they Tamilians.

Ajeesh’s wife has demanded the same amount of compensation as allotted to Jalastine’s family. ” We are not even aware of the fact that 5 lakhs were granted as compensation to the deceased family. Ajeesh was killed in Kerala. Therefore it is the responsibility of the Kerala government to provide for his family, said Ajeesh’s wife.

Arch Bishop Susai Pakyam  however defended the Kerala government. “It is the responsibility of the Tamil Nadu government to provide aid to the victims family. The Tamil government must provide jobs to the victims family members. The Tamil Government should take the responsibility of Ajeesh’s family,” he said.



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