September 6th, 2011
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Vigilance enquiry against KCA

Kerala Cricket AssociationThrissur: Thrissur Vigilance Court has ordered a probe into the corruption charges raised against Kerala Cricket Assosiation (KSA). In the 2007, India – Australia match held at Kochi, KCA has been accused of malpractices and misappropriation in the sales of tickets and the establishment of flood lights.

The court has orderd the enquiry team to submitt its report on or before December 7, 2011. The vigilance enquiry has been ordered based on the petition filed in vigilance court by Kerala Cricket Assossiation founding member, P K Jacob.

Mr P K Jacob in the petition filed the assossiation of  making unaccounted wealth of 1.17 crore through the sale of tickets alone. He has also claimed that the assossiation gave the flood light establishment deal without calling for quotation thus making 1.15 crore rupees in the process.

Association Secretary T C Mathew, President T R Balakrishnan, Tresurer G Saji Kumar, Assisstant Secretary N Ananthanarayanan are among the list of accused.



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