December 26th, 2011
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Tvm waste accumulation issue: BJP hartal

bjpThiruvananthapuram: Demanding an immediate solution to the waste disposal problem that the city is facing, the BJP has organised a hartal in Thiruvananthapuram. The twelve hour hartal that began at 6 am will continue till evening 6pm.

Vilappil panchayat and Janakeeya Samithi closed down the Vilappilsala solid-waste treatment plant as they claim that the disposal plant was functioning without the necessary license. This action from the panchayat authorities have affected the waste disposal  activities of Thiruvananthapuram city.

The Vilappilsala Janakeeya Samithi agitators organized a protests and blocked the movement of  garbage trucks to factory on December 21. This had prompted the Vilappil panchayat President  Shobhana Kumari to pass a resolution ordering the shutting down of the controversial waste treatment  plant.

The BJP leaders claim that the corporation has done nothing to resolve the issue. The meetings that are being held right now by the government is a superficial attempt to throw dust into the eyes of the people of the state capital. The BJP activists have organized a protest march towards the corporation office. Meanwhile the corporation mayor Chandrka has accused the BJP of playing politics.



One Response to “ Tvm waste accumulation issue: BJP hartal ”

  1. idiculla varghese

    I wonder where our MP Mr. Shashi Tharoor is now! If I remember right he promised that Trivandrum would be a twin city like Barcelona. Now what we have is sewage seeping into drinking water and loads and loads of waste with no disposal in sight. What a way to greet 2012!


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