February 13th, 2012
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Vilappilshala agitators celebrate, police retracts

vilappilshalaThiruvananthapuram: Though the police tried to drag away the protestors, mainly women and children from the site of agitation they failed to bring the situation in control or create an impact on the protest. The resolution and steadfastness of the agitators could not be shaken.

Finally the police gave in and retracted from Vilappilshala. The protestors celebrated and sense of jubilation filled the air. The agitators were seen smiling and raising the ‘thumbs up’ sign in victory.

The corporation has been forced to refrain from dumping the two truck load full of waste in Vilappilshala. The Congress party has called for a hartal in Vilappilsala panchayat tomorrow as a protest against the brutal police action on the agitators. The district panchayat officer is said to be injured in the clash between the rural protestors and the police force.

Earlier the district administration declared a curfew under section 144 of IPC  in Vilappilshala area for one week following clashes between the police and the agitators.

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