March 31st, 2013
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Violent riffs


Obviously one of the best metal acts Kerala has ever  witnessed, Chaos  have came out with their first album named ‘VIOLENT REDEMPTION’.  This band which hails from Trivandrum, Kerala, where Metal and independent music scene is comparatively  weak , Chaos  remained as an old school thrash band for nearly a decade. Chaos was formed in 2005 by Nikhil NR, lead guitarist (known as Nikhil war tooth) and Jayakrishnan,vocalist (JK) at SCT engineering college,Trivandrum.

Even though there were major line up changes, Chaos have been in the Indian metal scene since 2005. This  4 piece metal band has been influenced by thrash metal legends Pantera, Slayer and pioneer of Indian rock, Motherjane. Formed as a college band, they survived 7 years experimenting with their music, including politics and social issues to their lyrics.

Chaos’ new album ‘VIOLENT REDEMPTION’ reflects the rage and hatred against the stereotypes and conservative rightist society. Other than the old school thrash style so like  classic slayer records which forces the listener to bang their head off, stellar drum work and JK’s aggressive vocals, killer bassist and Nikhil’s guitar solos on ‘Game’ blew my head off ! VIOLENT REDEMPTION also stands out with the gruesome political content of its lyrics which reminded me of Brazilian legends Sepultura. I just cannot speak enough of their lyrics. VIOLENT REDEMPTION consists of 11 tracks,

‘The Ungodly Hour’, ‘Torn’, ‘War Crime’, ‘Saint’, ‘Game’, ‘Heaven’s Gate’, ‘Black lash’, ‘Merchant of Death’, ‘Self Deliverance’, ‘Cyanide Salvation’ and the title song, ‘Violent Redemption.’ Of these, ‘Game’ which discusses  the corruption in India has been a hit single on YouTube.  ‘Merchant of death’ which was featured on ‘Metaller’s Mayhem’ compilation of 25 top bands from India is about Gujarat riot where Narendra Modi and his politics stay as ‘Merchant of death’

‘War crime’ speaks about war prisoners of the state.’Black lash’ is about how Jesus Christ will feel if he returns and sees his followers deeds. CHAOS is also planning to bring it out  as an animation video. ‘Torn’ is about India- Pakistan partition, how a geographical area which shared same identity,culture and tradition have be torn apart  into two enemies after partition. Which reminded me SEPULNATION from sepultura’s NATION.

TORN- lyrics
“Scarred by the lines drawn,
Their fate has been sealed
Intruders are long gone
Still the wounds are unhealed.

Pollute their tradition
Infect their each thought.
Now hand them ammunition
To carry out your plot

Racial mass mutilation
Territorial annihilation
Communal extermination
Hostility swallows the nation.

Death trains bearing corpses
Speeds on those bloodied rails.
Misery surrounds us
As disarray prevails

Racial mass mutilation
Territorial annihilation
Communal extermination
Hostility swallows the nation.

Racial mass mutilation
Territorial annihilation
Communal extermination
Hostility swallows the nation.”

It is definite that bands like CHAOS which comes out with great music have to suffer a lot to get a stage where there is not even a single media or organizers to support the scene. Still it restored my faith that good music can survive even if  it has to face a shit lot of problems including organizers, producers and promoters. And Chaos definitely is  a green signal for all  bands from Kerala to move on with their music. The  ALBUM was produced by Keshav Dhar of SKYHARBOUR. This classic record of Indian metal history, deserves much more promotion . As a metal head, the only thing I can say is “Metal aren’t dead!”, and to show your support by grabbing a copy of this classic album…


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