March 30th, 2012
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VK Singh blames “rogue elements”

VK-SinghNew Delhi: Army Chief General VK Singh issued a statement wherein he blamed “rogue elements” for trying to create “a schism” between the government the Army. He criticized the media for projecting the issues raised by him as a battle between the government and the Army.

“Rogue elements are trying to create schism between the Defence Minister and the Army Chief. We need to guard against rogue elements. There is no schism between us. The timing of raising bribery issue has been questioned,” said General Singh in the statement. He has also stressed that “The army and by extension, the Chief of Army Staff, are part of the same government.” “All three service chiefs enjoy the confidence of the government”, he added.

Today, General Singh said that he raised the issue of the bribe this week because “the person in question” re-surfaced this month. General Singh also suggests that “institutional corrective steps were taken” after talking to Mr Antony “to keep a wary eye” on the alleged bribe-giver. He said he is “duty-bound to serve the country and protect the integrity of the Army even if we sometimes have to look within.”



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