February 11th, 2012
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Dont threaten me with capital punishment, it will have no effect: VS

Thiruvananthapuram: CPIM leader and Leader of the Opposition VS Achuthananthan proclaimed that he could not be silenced or threatened with intimidation’s such as capital punishment. He was speaking at the Valedictory rally of the 20th party State Conference.

‘” Some people have been campaigning for issuing capital punishment against me. Communist leaders are accustomed to self scarifice, caital punishment and oppression. The peoples love for a communist is also very natural. In 1943 four farmers were hanged to death for participating in the Kayyur uprising.  At Punnapura and Vayalar imperialism claimed the lives of thousands of people. Marxist leaders have challenged such atrocities in the past to reach where we are today. Such campaigns of capital punishment thus, shall not be sufficient to douse the enthusiasm and will not have any bearing on them. We have faced the death rope,” he said.

Earlier DYFI state president M Swaraj had stated that V S Achuthananthan should be subjected to capital punishment. The matter was leaked out by the media. Though Pinarayi vijayan had asked the people to take whatever the media says with a pinch of salt, VS Acuthananthan’s reaction to capital punishment only confirms the media’s report.

Rather than trying to raise allegations the focus should be on doing good for the peopleand on strengthening the unity of Left parties.



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