December 7th, 2011
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VS challenges Jayalalithaa

vs-opposition-leaderVandiperiyar: Opposition Leader V S Achuthananthan challenged Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to disclose the list of those who recieved rewards for taking a stand in favour of the Mullaperiyar damn. VS challenged Jayalalitha while addressing a gathering before he began his day long fast at Vandiperiyar in Idukki district in support of the demand for a new dam at Mullaperiyar.

Jayalalithaa had earlier stated that certain Officials from Kerala had collected rewards from Tamil Nadu to promote a pro Tamil Nadu stand regarding Mullaperiyar. Tamil Nadu had also threatened to disclose the details of all those who had received agricultural land as bribe from Tamil Nadu. Mr Achuthananthan asked Jayalalithaa to ask the village officer to provide the names and details of the those who collected bribe from Tamil Nadu.

“The deplorable condition of the Mullaperiyar dam is a threat to the people residing in four districts in Kerala. In these given conditions the Centre and the Tamil Nadu government must empathize and understand the critical situation of Kerala. Do not take the lives of those who fed you water for 116 years. This is my request to Tamil Nadu. I cannot understand why Tamil Nadu is not paying heed to our condition and taking necessary steps,” Mr Achuthananthan said.

Speaking to reporters here, the 88-year-old CPM veteran said he would also become a link in the LDF sponsored ‘human wall’ from Poonjar to Arabian Sea in support of the issue at Kochi on December 8. KPCC has also decided to go on an agitation in every district. VS Achthananthan stated that the Centre and Tamil Nadu must consider the request of  the politicians who are representing the three and half crore people of this country. “The condition of the of the 116 year old dam has caused the people of the state to live in fear,” he added.

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