December 15th, 2011
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Lack of enthusiasm cause for failure?

AchuthananthanThiruvananthapuram: Kerala Opposition leader VS Achuthananthan stated that its is essential to ascertain the cause behind the defeat faced by the Left in the Assembly elections. “Though we came so close to victory we lost. Was it lack of enthusiasm is what we must look into,” said VS at the inaugural function of the  CPIM district meet.

The people welfare schemes initiated in by the previous government has not reached the people. We have not been able to implement schemes in each and every district. This is the reason behind our failure. We must inquire into it too,”

The safety of people in Mullaperiyar should be ensured. There is a huge responsibility on the shoulder of the party when more than 30 lakh people lives are at stake. several studies have stated that the dam is in danger and that it will not hold under persistent natural calamities. Kerala is moving forward with a new dam in mind. However Tamil Nadu is making it an interstate issue. The previous government had made considerable progress in the Mullaperiyar issue however this government are making several silly mistakes.


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