November 24th, 2011
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Wall street proves the significance of Marxism: VS

VS Achuthananthan Piravam: The wall street protest in America is an excellent example of the significance  of Marxism, said Opposition leader VS Achuthananthan. Marxism is the hope and future of this world he added. He was giving the opening speech to the Piravom by-election campaign held here today.

” In America monopoly is creating economic crisis where as in Greece and Italy it is creating a political crisis. All capitalist nations are facing economic down turn. If it is now that the heads of  monopolistic banks are trying to take over total power in Greece and Italy, In India monopolies captured Indian Prime Ministerial post long back. Manmohan sing was a top official of a monopoly bank. All policies are made by the government to please corporates. He is creating opportunities for private enterprises to loot the country. 2G spectrum scam, Common Wealth scam, Aadharsh housing colony scam and the list continues. They have started to invest PF funds in shares. The government is also removing the pension scheme and laying the carpet for corporates to torture the people, ” he said.

According to him, the government destroyed BSNL and tried to encourage the growth of private companies in the place. If this continues then India would be following the steps of staggering, deteriorating developed countries, VS claimed. He stated that the government framed dangerous import export laws that have caused the sudden fall in tea, rubber prices. “The agricultural sectors is dying. The value of Indian rupee has declined like never before.  It is in this backdrop that the Piravom elections are being held,” he said.

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