February 17th, 2012
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War not a solution to Iran issue:Nirupama Rao

nirupama-raoBoston: “The talk of war will not help a solution and only erodes global cohesion,” Nirupama Rao, Indian Ambassador to the US. She was talking at a function in Boston on the ‘Role of India in the changing landscape in the 21st Century’.

Talking about India- Iran strategy she said, “As a near neighbor, and its only surface access to Central Asia and Afghanistan, engagement with Iran is of relevance and meaning to India. And, even as our imports of Iranian crude continue to decline and are currently under 10 percent of our overall imports, it does constitute a significant share of our oil imports.”

“We do believe that our relationship with Iran is neither inconsistent with our non-proliferation objectives, nor is it in contradiction with the relationships that we have with our friends in West Asia or with the United States. We appreciate that Iran has right to utilize the benefits of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. But, this right has to be exercised in conformity with international obligations that a state has taken. And Iran, as a non-nuclear weapon state party to NPT has certain obligations that it must comply with, fully and transparently. But, we also hope that these issues are resolved peacefully,” Rao added.

She also stated that India was making earnest and committed efforts to maintain peaceful relations with Pakistan. She observed that the future of Afghanistan and Pakistan will have an important bearing for the future of South Asia’s peoples


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