December 28th, 2012
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‘We are actors not politicians’

sangeetha-krishChennai: Following reports that singer Krish and his actress wife Sangeetha will be participating in a New Year bash to be held in Switzerland, the couple claim they have been receiving threats. It’s because the event is said to be funded by Karuna, who’s highly placed in the Sri Lankan government.’We are actors and not politicians. Performing at shows is part of our job and no one has the right to ask us not to participate in any shows. So, why mix politics and entertainment?’

Stating that she chose to show her protest to all threats because if she stays quiet now, artistes will have to continue living under constant pressure from parties and associations who want to exploit them for their benefit. Giving a clean chit to the organisors. Krish said, ‘we performed in the same show last year. We know that they are good and trustworthy’.’We will go ahead with our participation and we have conveyed the same to Nadigar Sangam president Sarath Kumar’, Sangeetha adds.


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