August 27th, 2011
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Woman commits suicide to support Anna’s cause

Kolhapur: A woman at Miraj in Sangli district committed suicide in abid to support Anna Hazare’s fast. She hanged herself in her house with an appeal to the Government to respond to Hazare’s cause.

Shubhangi Karande, 33, was found dead after she hung herself with a sari on Friday evening. Her children returned from school, and relatives and neighbours later opened the front door to find her dead.

In her suicide note, Shubhangi has stated, “I am committing suicide for the demand of redeeming the country from corruption. The poor are starving, which I cannot see. They do not get adequate wages. Even in private companies, wages are low and dearness is increasing. I can eat and survive on jawar from the farm. But those who have no farmland are suffering pangs of starvation. The poor have dreams that they will meet their requirements after they get employment. But even for getting employment, money is demanded. From where will they get money?”

Her husband Vinayak Karande is working as a fabricator in Miraj industrial estate. The family lives in a two room house with 13-year-old daughter Monika and 10-year-old son Ganesh.


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