November 28th, 2011
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Woman caught at Shabarimala

Shabarimala Shabarimala: A lady devotee was caught by the security while she was walking along the Nadapandal. The lady identified as Valli is from Tamil Nadu. Women between the ages of 10 and 50 are not allowed to enter the temple, since the story attributed to Ayyappa prohibits the entry of the women in the menstrual age group. This is because Ayyappan is a Bramachari.

Yesterday a 32-year old woman from Andhra Pradesh climbed Sabarimala to reach Sannidhanam  in an attempt to climb the 18 holy steps which is barred for menstruating women. The woman, identified as Devi, was arrested by Sannidhanam police while she was taking rest near the aravana counter. She was in the guise of a man, wearing a black shirt and black pants. However, she told the police that she did not step on the holy steps. She had come to Sabarimala along with her husband Naidu.

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