August 18th, 2011
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Words of guilt

Poetry/ Nahal Fekri Ershad

iranian poem by nahalI am a woman.

How long? How long I have been sitting here?

Is not that enough?

To undertake the guilt of words

Not to be drowned in such great emptiness

Is not that enough?


They have cut off my legs;

They were cut off from the beginning.

I am a woman!

And here is a city: half

Of its people

Do not have legs.

The sticks that carry me

On stony and unpaved roads

Have no power to move

Nor, can my weak hands, make me move.

  Words have told me


I am a woman

And a woman cannot

Resist the hardships


Once they told:

Women have come to mislead men

And added further :

We gave them, human clothing

To evoke men to mix with them



Always, the words

Give their feeling of guilt

And put a weight on her shoulder.

Yet, I will get through all problems

Not like a man.


I’ll do it like a woman

I am a woman.


Nahal Fekri Ershad: Nahal Fekri Ershad is an Iranian poet, painter and theatre activist. She writes poems both in Persian and English.


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