December 16th, 2011
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Youths hand chopped off

bloodMalappuram: The hand of the accused in a criminal case was chopped off by a group of unidentified people today while he was being taken to the court for trial.  Fayaz (27) from Thayathodu is an accused in several criminal cases.

He was being taken to trail to Manjeri courtfor beating up a youth to death. Fayaz was attacked at Edavenna at Manjeri. The injured has been admitted at the Manjeri district hospital. Shaji (28) who was accompanying Fayaz to the court has also been injured.

Two years ago in brawl at Kayamkode one person died in the fight. Fayaz is the primary accused in the case. Later in a fight the occurred over a football match Fayaz attacked a boy and was killed. There are reasons to believe that the attack  was an act of vengeance.




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